Living in the Windy City

I haven’t posted in quite some time, and as I previously announced, I recently moved to Chicago. While I typically attempt to review several books a month, lately I’ve been reading quite a few business books for my new job. Instead of reviewing those books, I decided to give a recap of life thus far in the Windy City.

The big move was a bit more stressful than I had imagined. Let me say this — I will never rent from U-Haul again. First, we realized there was hole in one tire an hour outside of Kansas City. Next, the tow truck driver pointed out that several crucial bolts were missing from one side of the truck. He actually said it was extremely lucky that the truck hadn’t rolled. We were towed back to Kansas City, where the truck was fixed, and assured we would get a discount because of the inconvenience. Only we never did…despite many follow-ups.

Moving woes aside, I’m really enjoying Chicago. I found a fantastic apartment in a vibrant city — and yes, I’m quoting the rental site here, but in this case, they weren’t lying. My building has a view of the lake from the rooftop, and the architecture in my neighborhood is breathtaking.

The weather has been unseasonably warm here, and I’ve been able to take evening and weekend afternoon walks by the water. Growing up landlocked, I’m not used to living near such a large body of water, and I’m loving every chance I get to enjoy the view.

Lincoln Park looking at the Loop.

Lincoln Park looking at the Loop.

I have plenty more photos to share. Sure you’ll be sick of Chicago soon. Hoping to get  back to regular posting soon.


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