Confession, or Kitten Love

I have a confession — I haven’t been reading much lately. Life has gotten pretty busy. For example, I found an abandoned kitten and ended up bottle feeding it over a weekend recently. The poor guy had been left on an asphalt parking lot during this unseasonably hot weather in Kansas. The mother had left him to fend for himself in favor of the other kittens, I suspect he was the runt of the litter.

I’m guessing of course that the kitten is male. This is based upon its color, as the veterinarian told me that most cats sporting this shade or orange fur are male. I was also informed that the kitten was like only nine or ten days old. The veterinarian was even a bit shocked by how small this guy was — almost as small as the bottle I was using to feed him. In honor of one of my favorite childhood movies “Milo and Otis,” I began referring to him as Milo. 

I was able to feed him about two tablespoons of kitten formula the first day, but the second day he had less than a tablespoon. I was so worried he wasn’t going to make it. Finally a spot at a shelter opened up and they assured me he’d be placed with a nursing cat.

While I’m normally a dog person — cat allergies — I have to say, I’ve been going through a bit of kitten withdrawal, so I thought I’d share some of the photos and videos from that weekend here. Here’s to the little guy.

I want to give a special shout-out to the PetSmart animal hospital staff at the Ward Parkway mall in Kansas City. They stayed open late just to teach me how to bottle feed this little guy and without their help, he never would have made it. I’m very grateful. Anyway, thought these photos and videos might inspire some of you to adopt a kitten!

The two short videos were shot just after I had finished feeding him. He was pretty sensitive to the light, even though his eyes hadn’t yet opened. I kept him swaddled in towels, as I was informed that he needed to stay pretty warm. He kept attempting to cocoon himself within the blankets and towels. To give you an idea of the size of this kitten — that basket is a child’s grocery shopping basket that came with a play kitchen from my youth. No idea why I still have it, but it certainly came in handy.

This little guy was so sweet.

He was nearly as small as the bottle, which held 4 tablespoons.

He made tiny kitten noises in his sleep.

He was about the size of my hands.

Look who made it through the night!


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