Vacation Dreaming | Part 3 | San Francisco by Night

San Francisco | Bay from the Embarcadero

Bay by Night | San Francisco

Passing in the Night | San Francisco

Outside of Scoma’s Restaurant | San Francisco

Sundown Outside Scoma’s | San Francisco

Outside of Scoma’s | San Francisco

Shipping Off the Embarcadero | San Francisco

I’ve heard it said before, there’s something special about the light on the West Coast, specifically — San Francisco. In truth, there are many beautiful places to visit, but I believe this statement fully.

This collection of photos was taken while standing upon the Embarcadero in San Francisco, as well as outside of my parent’s favorite restaurant Scoma’s. I’m not sure I’ve had better scallops anywhere.

If you’re looking for another restaurant to try, I would highly encourage a trip to Scala’s Bistro as well. My mother and I had dinner there by accident — her first choice was closed for the evening. Needless to say, we were impressed, so much so, that I have insisted my coworkers visit when they’re traveling for work. All reports back thus far have been positive.

If you’re looking for a good read that takes place in San Francisco, I would suggest reading “Nora Jane” by Ellen Gilchrist. The book begins in New Orleans, but follows Nora Jane as she makes her way solo to San Francisco and begins a new life — one that starts really, in a coffee shop while reading a book.

I’m planning on a trip back to San Francisco later this summer, and hoping to post at least one more set of photos before that trip. Looking forward to some Northern California weather as a break from this mad, mad Midwest heat. Hope you’re all staying cool.


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