Bookmarks for Book Lovers

Green Marker Grass Blade Bookmarks

Green Marker Grass Blade Bookmarks by designer Yuruliku

Many of you may have fully transitioned to reading electronically. No judgement here, I can see the appeal, it’s very convenient. But personally I struggle with the concept. There’s something romantic about reading an actual book. I love the look of type on a crisp white page. I enjoy the feeling of — laugh if you must — accomplishment, when I’ve made it halfway through a very long and laborious read. (Mentally laborious, that is, meaning I have to keep a dictionary nearby.) And while this may seem crazy, I enjoy the scent of the books themselves, old or new, as well as the idea that the book may have passed through others’ hands, forming impressions upon their minds and inspiring actions within their lives.

While I cherish the library — the concept, what it stands for, the community, etc. — I often find myself checking out a book and falling in love with it only several chapters in. My need to write within the margins leads me to purchase my very own copy. While I don’t mind turning down a corner of my own books (just means they’re well-loved), when I borrow from the library, I respectfully turn to a bookmark. This is often a receipt from a morning latte, but there are many lovely designs for bookmarks out there I’ve been tempted to purchase. I thought I would share a few with all of you.

First, the Green Marker Grass Blade Bookmarks by Japanese designer Yuruliku, (pictured above) are both whimsical and practical. Plus, if you’re like me and prefer to mark your favorite pages, these bookmarks look lovely — rather than messy — when used by the bunch in books on a shelf.

Next up, the Albatros Bookmark. This particular product is so innovative and yet so simple, I can’t figure out why no one thought up the design sooner. The best part about the bookmark, is the flexibility of the product itself does the work for you, but I’m guessing you know this already from the video.

Lime Green Bird Metal Bookmark

Photo courtesy of Our Shop

Lastly, I thought this little Lime Green Bird Metal Bookmark was fitting for adolescent readers, (adult readers too). Designed by Hommin, this book mark is available for sale via the UK-based store Our Shop.

This design also comes in gold and silver and is light-weight enough, it can be added to birthday cards without spending a fortune on postage. The company does warn that the bird may have sharp edges, so it should not be given to very small children.



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