The Ornamented Line

Welcome to The Ornamented Line. If you’re wondering about the title, let me briefly explain. Long ago I fell in love with Walden by Henry David Thoreau. I found myself (shudder if you must librarians), underlining whole paragraphs that excited and delighted me. Soon the entire copy was underlined and noted, the book binding well creased and nearly broken. In the chapter titled “The Ponds,” Walden writes a brief poem with the first two lines stating:

“It is no dream of mine;
To ornament a line…”

Upon first reading these lines, I thought, how foolish of a writer to state that they care not to make a line ornamental. I thought the sole purpose of writing was to write with great ardor and flourish. I have since learned there are a great many famous and noteworthy writers who write with flare, and those that write in a spartan manner. I suppose it will be up to you to tell me in which category I should be placed.


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