A Little Madness in the Spring…

…Is Wholesome Even for the King.” – Emily Dickinson

Spring Petals by Sarah Aylward

Spring has sprung, or nearly has here in the midwest. Here’s hoping the recent sun will stave off any plans nature may have for spoiling our fun.

It’s true what Emily Dickinson wrote, a little madness in the spring is wholesome, or it had better be, what with the back and forth of spring and winter weather.


San Francisco Self Portrait by Sarah Aylward

As an homage to warmer weather, I am posting photographs taken from past springs and summers. Hopefully these images inspire us to quit our dark rooms and venture outdoors. It’s time now for front porch and back yard living. I hope you have a good book to carry with you.

Right now I’m re-reading Jane Eyre and hoping to finish before the new film premieres in Kansas City. I recently saw The Kids are Alright with Mia Wasikowska and thought she was phenomenal. I’m looking forward to seeing how she interprets Jane.



Late Summer Sunflowers by Sarah Aylward

If you’re truly hooked on books as I am, you can sign up for the Jane Eyre challenge on www.goodreads.com with a free account.

It’s a wonderful site I use to connect with friends to check out what they’re reading and keep track of what to-read and what I have read.


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